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At BMG Design-Build LLC, we are Thrilled to Partner with Rockland County's Premier High-End Landscaping Company

Now Venturing into the World of Custom Architectural Timber

This innovative branch transforms locally harvested timber from fallen trees and cleared construction sites into exquisite architectural elements. Their state-of-the-art sawmilling equipment, capable of handling massive 5' tree trunks, allows for the creation of bespoke oversize posts and beams, rafters, floors, wall panels, built-ins, countertops, and furniture, all kiln-dried to perfection.

Sustainability, Charm and Heritage

This sustainable approach not only honors the beauty and strength of local wood but also ensures each piece tells a story unique to our region. At BMG Design Build LLC, we embrace this concept with enthusiasm, ready to design, detail, and manage construction jobs that showcase the unparalleled charm and durability of locally harvested timber. Your dream project, crafted with timber imbued with local heritage and heart, is just a call away.

Call us to learn more: 845-323-3383

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