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Where Passion Meets Devotion

At BMG Design Build LLC we create stunning house plans with energy, speed, stamina, virility, leadership, collaboration and coordination.


We are an architectural design and CM company in Wesley Hills, Suffern, NY. We serve the entire Tri-State area. Led by licensed architects with two decades of experience in high-end architecture, the firm is committed to delivering architectural design work of the highest standard through multidisciplinary collaboration with engineers, designers, construction trades, and building material companies. We have a deep understanding of building design, systems and materials as well as the street savvy necessary to navigate through local jurisdictions, bureaucracy and red tape situations. We work with builders to ensure the seamless and cost effective execution of our buildings within a predetermined timeframe.  

We are passionate about the process, the collaboration with others, and strive for perfection through hard work and focus. 
Our goal is to provide our clients with the impossible best trio: speed, quality, and cost. Call us today to learn more. We look forward to it! 845-323-3383

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