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With our expertise and specialized equipment, we harness the bounty of New England's forests, transforming trees of almost any conceivable size into valuable timber for a multitude of purposes.

Large & Oversized Timber


    At our workshop, crafting bespoke wood furniture or structures is a collaborative journey, centered on your dreams and desires. We begin by engaging in a conversation to understand your vision, preferences, and practical needs.At our timber yard, we explore the availability of various wood species, discussing their unique characteristics and potential for realizing your envisioned masterpiece. Together, we handpick the perfect timber, ensuring it aligns with your design aspirations. With meticulous attention to detail, our skilled artisans transform your concepts into tangible designs, incorporating personalized touches and exquisite craftsmanship. Finally, with dedication and precision, we bring your creation to life, infusing it with the warmth and character that only handcrafted woodwork can provide. From inception to completion, our process is a testament to our commitment to crafting enduring pieces that resonate with your individual style and story.

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