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Wesley Hills Escape Cottage: Embracing Tradition with Innovation

Updated: Mar 1

Designed for a secluded location in the Village of Wesley Hills, this architectural marvel blends modern sensibilities with age-old building techniques. This mountain escape cottage design is a testament to the fusion of traditional wisdom and contemporary design flair. At its core, the cottage harmonizes two distinct materials—standing seam metal panels and solid wood timber—to craft an asymmetrical façade that captivates the eye and shelters its occupants with both elegance and efficiency.

A Nod to the Saltbox Style Houses

As one approaches the cottage, a striking juxtaposition of forms greets the eye. To the left, the structure descends sharply, seamlessly transitioning from the standing seam metal roof to a vertical plane clad in the same material. This design choice imbues the north-facing aspect with a distinctive aesthetic and serves a practical purpose. In the winter, when icy winds blow from the north, the steep slope and continuous metal surface stand as guardians, blocking the chill and safeguarding warmth within—a nod to the architectural saltbox-style houses of the past.

Solid Wood Timber Walls

On the contrasting right side, geometric simplicity is dominant, as solid wood timber walls call for attention. Here, BMG pays homage to the innate qualities of wood—a material steeped in tradition yet ever-relevant in modern construction. The thermal efficiency of solid timber walls, boasting an impressive R-value even before additional insulation, speaks volumes about the meticulous consideration of environmental impact and sustainability. Echoing centuries of architectural heritage, these walls offer not just shelter but a tangible connection to the past, evoking the rustic charm of log cabins while embracing contemporary standards of comfort and efficiency.

The Marriage of Tradition and Innovation

Indeed, the choice of materials and the thoughtful integration of historical precedence into the design process exemplify the marriage of tradition and innovation. From the structural integrity of solid timber to the weather-resistance of standing seam metal, every aspect of this cottage embodies a deep understanding of both material properties and cultural context. It is a testament to the architect's mastery of their craft—a synthesis of knowledge drawn from geography, climate, history, and culture.


The image of this mountain escape cottage serves as a beacon of inspiration—an exemplar of how traditional building knowledge can inform and enrich modern architectural endeavors. By harnessing the inherent strengths of standing seam metal panels and solid wood timber, BMG has crafted a dwelling that is not only visually stunning but also environmentally conscious and functionally efficient. In its seamless blend of the old and the new, this cottage stands as a testament to the enduring power of architectural innovation rooted in tradition.

Do you have specific examples of innovative house designs similar to the instances mentioned above?

About BMG, Boaz M. Golani RA 

Boaz M. Golani graduated from The Cooper Union. He has been building his expertise as an architect for over two decades. His experience includes the design of very high-end houses in the Hamptons LI, NYC apartment buildings, and Upstate NY residential, commercial and institutional buildings.

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